Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My first Holloween!! BOO!

"Hi Daddy! Hi Mommy!...go big or go home?..uu..right? tehe!"

"That looks awesome Daddy!"

"Pumpkin Time!!"

"WOW! Daddy! It looks so real!!"
"Happy Holloween Everyone!"

Mommy & Me

"Or how bout you just smile, and ill just rest abit...sound like a plan?!"

"Ok Ok mom! Ill sit up straight..."

"Not really feelin this whole picture thing, how about some food??"

"Mommie I tired..."

"U Dad? Im tryin to have a Mommy more picures tonight..."

"Im bord...tehe!"

Just some of my AMAZING family!

"My Auntie Marcia! She sure is pretty!"

"HI Lauren!! Shes my cuz, whata cutie patutie!"

"Grandma n Grandpa Callantine"

"Grandma! Grandma! uuu...I think ill just take alil nap.."


"Yup...still snoozin..."

"Auntie Ceesa!! I finally got to see you!! I was so excited!"

"Quality time with Grandpa Lundquist"

"Grandma, you sure are comfy..."

"Movie time!!! WOOHOO!...hold please I gotta get ready...oo ya thats the spot!"

"RiGuy! Hes my cuz...Hes pretty cool!!!"

Monday, October 18, 2010

My Adventure @ McKenzie Willamette!

"O MAN! O MAN! whats all this!"

"Hi Mommy...."

"My family! mommy you look wiped out!"

"UUUU? Whats goin on..?"

"So your the one I kept hearing through mommy's tummy???"

"My feetsies!"

" I dont know about you guys, but swollen is just not a good look for me! o boy."

"OOOOO this warmer sure is cozy! MMMHHMMM!"

"I sure am a cutie! TeHe!"

"Hangin out with Daddy and Auntie Beth!"

 "Hi Grandma Lundquist!!" 

"Snoozin away with Auntie Julie!"

''Hi Grandpa Lundquist!!"

Saturday, October 16, 2010